The Platform

deepPath™ is a scalable, AI-based image analysis platform for digital pathology. With a comprehensive set of image editing capabilities and "plug and play" machine learning modules, our platform provides an extremely flexible tool for the end user to assist in assessment of various diseases.

Our cloud based infrastructure provides “anywhere, anytime” access that would open up new opportunities to increase the availability of biopsy screening, and enable the diagnosis to be made at earlier stages of various diseases. It also supports collaborative image management capability for users belonging to a group or organization to be able to manage and share data seamlessly.

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Application of machine learning frameworks, such as convolutional neural networks (CNN) for object recognition tasks, is proving to be extremely valuable for radiology and digital pathology applications. We have proven experience in terms of using these frameworks efficiently to obtain valuable insights in any type of pathology.

Our strength lies in our ability to build deep learning architectures to better associate patient-specific biopsy images with various clinical outcomes of interest. We train CNN models using multiple types of histologic images to measure, identify and predict several aspects within a biopsy that can directly help our customers make intelligent decisions.


Our Solutions

Clinical Diagnosis

Clinical DiagnosisAt your fingertips

Our cloud-based platform can provide real-time assessment of various dieases. Users can simply upload digitized images of the biopsy of a patient and obtain objective information regarding the type and extent of various disease.

Drug development

Drug DevelopmentThe smart way

Our technology can seamlessly work with pharmaceutical companies that are developing novel drugs to treat various diseases. We can assist with outcome prediction and risk assessment during various stages of pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.

Global outreach

Global OutreachFor every corner of the world

Our solution is particularly useful in areas where nephropathology expertise is not readily available. Any caregiver can directly access our cloud-based platform to obtain real-time diagnosis of the patient and develop a clinical management strategy with higher efficiency.

Team deepPath

Who We Are

A team of entrepreneurs, inventors, academic researchers, physicians and software engineers with a total experience of over 100 years in these fields.

What We Believe In

Providing the most accurate and efficient diagnostic platform by building a comprehensive software that would allow detailed quantitative assessment of various disorders and related outcomes.

What We Do

Our cloud-based software application uses cutting-edge deep learning algorithms to provide 'real-time' solutions at the point-of-care.

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Association of pathological fibrosis with renal survival using deep neural networks

Chronic kidney damage is routinely assessed semiquantitatively by scoring the amount of fibrosis and tubular atrophy in a renal biopsy sample. Although image digitization and morphometric techniques can better quantify the extent of histologic damage, we need more widely applicable ways to stratify kidney disease severity.
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New AI Technology Significantly Improves Human Kidney Analysis

The ability to quantify the extent of kidney damage and predict the life remaining in the kidney, using an image obtained at the time when a patient visits the hospital for a kidney biopsy, now is possible using a computer model based on artificial intelligence (AI).
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